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The Advocater's Book Store

Here are some great books from Just click on the book you like to get information about it or order it from You can also click on the banner below to search and buy any book you want.

Credit Repair Kit Gurrilla Guide to Credit Repair

The No-Nonsense Credit Manual

Credit Repair Kit CD Rom

Debt Free Your Guide to Personal Bankruptcy Without Shame

Nolo's Law Form Kit, Personal Bankruptcy

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Here are some other books from that might be of intrest to you

Social Security Benefits Handbook
How to Maximize Your Unemployment Benefits:Complete Information for all 50 States

How to Get Every Penny You're Entitled to From Social Security

1999 Mercer Guide to Social Security and Medicare

The Complete and Easy Guide to Social Security, Healthcare Rights and Government Benefits;Revised and updated for 1998

Bureaucratic Justice: Administrative Law from an internal perspective
Social security Manual 98

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